In a world of rapidly changing technology, it is more important than ever that business processes evolve to exceed customer expectations.  For over 20 years, Haynes has been helping customers improve internal operations and achieve high levels of performance.  Haynes’ management philosophy focuses on the client, with solutions aimed at transaction processing, accounting, grants management and technologies that improve business processes.  By focusing on our customer’s specific needs, the Company provides products and solutions that are tailored toward ease of use and improvement in the client’s business practices. 

First established in 1990 and reorganized after several acquisitions in 2001, Haynes has been committed to helping its employees deliver outstanding service to its customers.  Haynes has managed to remain flexible and avoid the growth of unnecessary bureaucracy.  This measured approach has allowed the company to be big enough to tackle large problems while remaining nimble. 

Based on the principles of ethical and professional behavior, Haynes delivers quality and competitive services to clients, and supports its employees and subcontractors.