At Haynes, Inc., our Management Solutions practice recognizes the challenges that face organizations no matter the industry or stage of growth. We deliver a broad suite of "high impact" solutions and end-to-end implementations, providing staff to help organizations plan, grow, and deploy technology to propel their business success. We provide innovative, integrated solutions that encompass the right mix of strategy, financial analysis, organizational and process analysis/engineering, information systems development, and program/project management support.

Haynes is a leader in business process improvement and the innovative integration of financial operations and information technologies for business and government. From business strategy development to systems implementation, we combine our deep industry knowledge with information technology expertise to create solutions that drive business value and maximize return on investment.

We bring value to our clients by:

•     Providing a "solution team" approach that maximizes the use of limited organizational resources

•     Applying the newest and most innovative business practices that are critical to reaching sustainable, effective solutions

•     Optimizing existing resources and operations to implement cost-effective programs aimed specifically at achieving business goals and objectives

•     Providing practical planning and solutions development, combined with the right tools and technologies that sustain long term results


Streamlined services resulting from upgraded business practices are benefits that will be felt organization-wide. By improving and expanding business capabilities, our clients are able to achieve significant operational efficiency, create new sources of revenue, lower costs, consolidate processes, and improve product quality and customer service. This, in turn, fosters a culture of organizational excellence and provides an environment that is better able to support business objectives, minimize costs, and create effective personnel / resource management.

Service Offerings:

•     Activity Based Costing/Management (ABC/M)

•     Business process improvements; business strategy development; tactical and operational level planning and support

•     Financial management systems review and analysis

•     Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) studies

•     Logistical analysis and management studies

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