Haynes, Inc. maintains an outstanding track record in delivering financial management solutions using professional staffing with in-depth experience in both business and financial fields. Our experience in accounting and financial analysis helps clients meet the full spectrum of their financial management needs. We provide process implementations and professional talent to organizations in both the public and private sectors in strategy-based financial services, streamlining accounting operations, meeting regulatory and compliance requirements, and effectively outsourcing their financial activities.

At Haynes, we help companies address new financial challenges and meet existing accounting requirements. As your needs change, our professional staff of accountants, financial managers, and administrative personnel adapt quickly to bring the right administrative, accounting and financial solutions that help you make informed and successful business decisions.

We bring value to our clients by:

•     Designing and developing new or revised accounting operations, policies, and procedures

•     Improving operating efficiency and developing real time controls for internal accounting operations

•     Developing, aligning, and integrating risk management practices with financial processes

•     Performing special studies and evaluating internal controls to improve effectiveness, cost competitiveness, and/or revenues

•     Providing a comprehensive review of financial operations related to compliance with management policies and procedures and external regulatory compliance

•     Planning, designing, and implementing enabling technologies and information systems that create synergies across business units, customers, and organizations

Benefits of this service:

Accounting and financial analyses are critical factors in presenting a clear, confident, and consistent image of an organization's performance. An accurate financial picture allows senior executives to focus on decision making and the mitigation of risks. At Haynes, our clients benefit from sound, proven financial process implementations in numerous ways - obtaining maximum value from existing assets, increased reliability of data, identification of hidden costs, accurate valuations, and increased quality of cash and funds control. We can help your organization gain performance improvements with human capital and financial solutions that are secure, reliable, flexible, and designed to meet both stakeholder and regulatory compliance requirements alike.

Financial Process Offerings:

•     Accounting outsourcing (including accounting department maintenance and support, voucher examination, vendor payment services, financial statement reconciliation, payroll processing, and invoice processing)

•     Analysis of accounting and financial management systems (including requirements definition, systems design and/or selection, procurement, integration, and implementation)

•     Grants audit resolution

•     Billing and claims processing

•     Contract closeout

•     Preparation and analysis of financial statements and reports

•     Financial transaction analysis, processing, and management (including budgeting, funds control, and regulatory reporting)

•     Business case development, cost/benefit analysis, and automated cost and financial model development

•     Grants management support, closeout, and audit resolution

•     Internal audit support

•     Regulatory compliance reviews (including analysis of business and regulatory practices related to financial reporting and automated controls)

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